Dresdner Bleistift – #22 Theaterplatz

Here’s the Theaterplatz of Dresden as the first DB located on the city center (Altstadt).  The building on the background is the Semperoper, the Saxon State Opera. In front, the Theaterplatz, watched over by the ecuestrian statue of King Johann of Saxony in the center (by the time of this image it was hidden behind the construction work). On the city tour that one takes on his first days in the city, I got to know that King Johann was devoted to literature on his free time, indeed he was the first to translate the Divine Comedy by Dante to German. His version, however, was too tough to read. It was dense to such an extent that the book appears on the back of the statue, just below the bottom of his horse.



2 thoughts on “Dresdner Bleistift – #22 Theaterplatz

  1. Wunderbare Arbeit Judit ! Du rufst Erinnerungen wieder für mich ins Leben und sicherlich für vielen! Du hast eine wahre Gabe fürs Zeichen!!!
    Espero poder veure molts més dibuixos com aquests. Són senzillament fantàstics!


    1. Vielen Dank!! Ich freue mich, dass die Zeichnungen dir gefällen 😀 Wie lang bist du in Dresden geblieben?
      La veritat és que em costa trobar temps per dedicar-me al blog, a veure si en faig alguns més abans de marxar!


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