Meißner Bleistift – #17 Dresdner Straße (Hamburger Hof)

One of the first things foreigners learn when they live in Germany is that is a grave sin to stay home when the sun happens to shine outside. As an unusual excellent weather seems to be happily settled down in Dresden, the whole city was sunbathing by the Elbe on the weekend. I took it seriously and decided to follow the Elberadweg by bike to Meißen (a small town at approximately 30 km from Dresden), an excursion that has been in my to-do list for too much time. Meißen is mostly known for its magnificent cathedral and the porcelain. But once choosing some random streets within Meißen without being so much aware of where I was going, I suddenly met with the building from this #17 DB: the Hamburger Hof. An abandoned hotel (I thought it was an old cinema) with neon signs, a secondary entrance with gargoyles and things written in at least 4 different fonts from the 80’s in the façade. Of course, such a building had to have a post in the wikipedia. Without any doubt, this had to go to my particular collection of places here, and this one was the appropriate to start the new fantastic sketch pad that I got as a birthday present (thank you, Luman!).



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